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            Location:Home > ProductsAir dust bag
            PP PE liquid liquid filter bag filter bag

            First, classification

            Polyester filter cloth is polyester long fiber filter cloth, polyester staple fiber filter cloth.
            Two, use
            Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, wine, sugar, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, dye, wastewater treatment and other industries, is the ideal filter material frame filter, vacuum filter and other equipment.
            Three, the technical parameters
            1, the physical properties of <0.4%: moisture regain, accounted for 1.38. Elongation (%) of:20-50, the fracture strength of (g/d):438
            2, mechanical properties: high strength of 4 ~ 5.5g/D, elasticity and elastic recovery of elongation of 15 ~ 30%, good wear resistance.
            3, chemical properties of acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistance. Acid alkali resistant 60 C, 30 C
            4, heat resistance of 120 DEG C:, instant use temperature of 150 DEG C: temperature of <200 DEG C, dry, wet temperature of <220 DEG C, softening point of 230 DEG C, the melting point of 256 to 265 DEG C, heat resistance and deformation stability
            Four, the main products:
            747 (120-14), 729, 734 (120-12), 758, 3927 (120-16), (120-7), 740, 208, 903, 621, 130, 260, 240, 822 and other major products, 65-160CM width.
            Five, the product features:

            The product has the advantages of unique common felt cloth, and good abrasion resistance, high ratio of performance to price and be felt filter material in the greatest amount of varieties. Well, conductive performance is very poor. Polyester fiber temperature generally. The series products of polyester staple fiber polyester short fiber structure and short hair as raw material, through the multi strand twisting yarn woven fabric density, particle retention is good, but the stripping, poor permeability. This series of products with acid, alkali, high strength, good filtering performance, easy cleaning features, but the strength, wear resistance, Water Leakage polyester long fiber filter cloth as.



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