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            application area

            The filter cloth is mainly used in filter press, belt filter, centrifuge, vacuum drum machine, flat plate filter and other large-scale filtering machines and equipment. As a filter medium, the selection of filter cloth is very important to the filtering effect, even plays a key role.

            The filter cloth with smooth surface and excellent dehydration ensures that the filter cake can be easily peeled off and regenerated. It is suitable for filter press, leaf filter and all continuous filtration equipment.

            The multifilament filter cloth is suitable for the filtration and separation of very small particles. Its wear resistance is called poor monofilament filter. It is mainly used in filter press, centrifuge, drum machine, etc.

            Double layer filter cloth, a high strength filter cloth with the best drainage function, is specially designed for vacuum belt filter, vacuum drum filter, centrifuge and other equipment.

            The non-woven filter cloth is suitable for very fine particle filtration and flue gas dedusting in ceramics and other industries.

            Industrial filter belt is suitable for power plant gypsum dehydration, sewage treatment, starch sugar filtration, pharmaceutical, brewing, food and beverage industries.

            Main industries of filter cloth application Chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, papermaking, dye, pigment, titanium dioxide, catalyst, cutting fluid, alkali industry, beneficiation and refining, iron ore, manganese mine, nickel mine, ilmenite, cobalt oxide, zinc oxide, molybdenum mine, gold mine, copper mine, coal preparation and fine washing, rare earth mine, kaolin, alumina, aluminum fluoride, palm oil, edible oil, light industry, white carbon black, oil, food, juice, pharmacy Beer, citric acid fermentation calcium salt, monosodium glutamate, corn protein, power plant wet desulfurization, sewage treatment, power plant, steel plant, cement plant, smelter and other fields

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