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            FONTON filter material

            Zhejiang Tiantai Fengton Filter Material Co.,Ltd,located , in “China filter City ”----- The Pingqiao township, Tiantai country, Zhejiang province, is a professional R & D, industrial cloth production, processing and sales in one of the modern environmental protection science and technology enterprises. Registered trademarks are“豐頓”and “Fengton”. The company mainly produces Woven Filter Cloth, breathable board cloth, frame bags, bag dust removal, high temperature glass membrane bag, P84, NOMEX, PPS, acrylic, Nice fluoride, PTFE, a variety of screen mesh, non-woven fabrics, non woven needle punched felt, 1-200  micrometers  PE / PP liquid filter cloth, filter cotton, filtration equipment, and accessories etc.

            Fengton man hold true to “External plastic image, inner casting quality ”.This business philosophy, advocated "Also the earth pure land blue sky" social responsibility and mission to promote enterprise development. Welcome to all sectors of society experts visit, supervision and guidance.


            Add:Pingqiao Industrial Park In Tiantai County Zhejiang province China  Web:http://www.noithatben.com/  
            Tel:+86(0)576-83669003   Fax:+86(0)576-83663880  E-mail: alan.yu@fengton.com 

            Copyright © 2015 Zhejiang Tiantai Fengton Filter Material Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved ICP:浙ICP備15011760號